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Are you planning to invest in a short term rental home on one of Central Florida's fantastic new vacation home communities? Or perhaps you have already committed to buying your dream home, and now you are waiting for the exciting day when you will have the keys in your hand? If you have done your due diligence before signing the contract that will make this lovely home your own, you will already know that the buying process is just the start of a long, sometimes seemingly endless, road towards understanding the many aspects of vacation home ownership. If you have a specific question about any aspect of vacation home purchase or ownership, please feel free to send me an email or use the live chat link below so that I can address your question directly.

Topics for vacation home buyers and owners (more to follow)

Contact Hightower Realty for full and free access to details of the short term rental vacation homes on all new construction communities in the Walt Disney World area, including single family homes, townhomes and condos on the exciting developments at Storey Lake, The Retreat at Championsgate, Solterra Resort, Sonoma Resort, Windsor at Westside and others. Email Hightower Realty's real estate broker Denis Le Marchant-Smith with any questions at any time.